25km & 12.5km

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Vietnam's first and only SwimRun. A team-race based on two persons travelling through nature and time is the SufferFest™ most intimate Tuyen Lam Event. Teammates are completely dependent of each other. The team alternates between running and swimming along a pre-marked course in natural. As a team you race within 10 metres of each other, you share the experience, the fun, and the beauty. SwimRun is emotion. Athletes are required to be proficient swimmers and are expected to have read and adhere to SufferFest™ SwimRun rules and regulations.

25km: For intermediate to advanced athletes. This course is a full Tuyen Lam Lake experience, exploring the lake and its surroundings in detail this 25 km journey is an adventure like no other.

12.5km: An excellent SwimRun introductory distance for new and beginner SwimRun athletes. The course showcases Tuyen Lam Lake diversity and its unique features.